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When a human shop owner is given a ritual knife containing the spirit of a powerful witch, darkness emerges from the shadows and threatens to lay Charleston to waste to get it.


Jakob Mercer owns The Oddities Emporium, a shop filled with the strange and macabre. He knows that his artifacts aren't all harmless. When a stranger gives him an athame which contains the soul of a powerful local witch, he realizes that it will take his entire arsenal of not-so-harmless curiosities to keep his enemies from destroying him and the city to get it.

Jakob is aided by Tempest Balfour, a sassy witch whose brother is the head of the local warlocks, and Gordon Pruitt, a haphazard warlock with a penchant for destruction. The three face factions from the Church, the witches, the warlocks, and forces beyond what Jakob knew existed to keep the athame out of the hands of evil.

Join Jakob and his friends as they fight to protect the Shadow Athame. Pre-Order your copy today!

Shadow Athame is the first book in The Oddities Emporium series by Kimbra Swain, author of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen series and its popular spin-offs. This new Urban Fantasy series promises lots of action, curious artifacts, and plenty of snarky humor. To get a glimpse of Jakob and his friends, read the prequel, Glasswing in the Urban Magic: Power, Magic, and Heart Anthology.

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